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Till Sukopp

Dr. Till Sukopp



Dr. Till Sukopp ist Sportwissenschaftler, mehrfacher Bestsellerautor, Gründer der Kölner Primal Fitness Box und gilt als Deutschlands führender Experte für Kettlebell- und Sandbag-Training. Neben Vorträgen, Seminaren und Coachings bietet er Gruppen- und Personal Trainings an und bildet Trainer und Ärzte fort.


Dr. Till Sukopp is a graduate sport scientist and received a doctorate in sports medicine from the German Sport University Cologne. The CEO of Health Conception GmbH is a functional training instructor with multiple international certifications, a functional movement specialist and one of the leading kettlebell and sandbag trainers in the German-speaking world. In addition to kettlebells and sandbags, he is a specialist in bodyweight training, sling trainers and ropes. He is the author of numerous technical articles, books and DVDs, is a conference speaker, conducts seminars, group and one-to-one training sessions, trains kettlebell instructors and was head of sports therapy at an institution for prevention and (orthopedic) rehabilitation for five years.

He is the complete professional in the field of kettlebells and is recognized as an expert for the Certified Kettlebell Trainer CKT at Perform Better.

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