Dr. Kelly Starrett

Dr. Kelly Starrett

Trainer, promovierter Physiotherapeut und Autor


Dr. Kelly Starrett ist Trainer, promovierter Physiotherapeut und Autor der Bücher „Werde ein geschmeidiger Leopard“ und „Ready to Run“. Gemeinsam mit seiner Frau betreibt er eine bewegungsorientierte orthopädische und sportmedizinische Praxis mit Namen San Francisco CrossFit. Zu seinen Klienten gehören Olympiasieger, Tour-de-France-Teilnehmer und Gewichtheber ebenso wie CrossFit-Games-Medaillengewinner, Balletttänzer und Soldaten. Seit 2009 ist Starrett in den USA unterwegs, um Trainer und Athleten davon zu überzeugen, dass optimale Beweglichkeit und korrekte Bewegungsausführung der Schlüssel zu bestmöglicher Leistung sind.


Kelly Starrett is a coach, physical therapist, author, speaker, and creator of this blog, which has revolutionized how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance.

He teaches the wildly popular Crossfit Movement & Mobility Trainer course and has been a guest lecturer at the American Physical Therapy Association annual convention, Google, the Perform Better Summit, the Special Operations Medical Association annual conference, police departments, and elite military groups nationwide.

Are We Part of the Problem?

Reducing movement compensation patterns in the training session.
The golden training  hour is a miracle of human interaction.  The modern trainer has to be equal part coach, programmer, cheerleader, camp counselor, friend, nutritionist, and confidant. However, in the quest to create functional and fit clients, we too often see that people are moving in unsustainable and mechanically poor positions.  Nearly universal industry increases in the use of intensity, load, metabolic demand, volume, speed, and novelty have moved the need to limit the reinforcement of movement compensation to the front of the modern coach’s problem list.  The coach/trainer must be able to identify, anticipate, and limit their athlete’s compensation strategies.  As movement professionals, our training sessions cannot reinforce and contribute to movement related dysfunctions down the road.  This lecture/breakout will give the participant practical tools to address and limit compensation patterning in their clientele.
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