Functional Training Summit 16. - 18.06.2017

Pre-Conference am 15.06.2017

Once again, the national and international top-experts in functional-, fascial-, and athletic training are gathering to present the newest scientific knowledge during this year’s functional training summit.

“Tell me and I forget,

teach me and I may remember,

involve me and I learn.”


Functional Training Summit in Munich

For 3 days the pioneers of functional-, fascial-, and athletic training will teach you the latest scientific knowledge clenched with their own relevant experience. They’ll not only tell you about it, they will show you in practice.

Before the actual summit takes place, you are welcome to join our pre-conference on 15th of June. Content of the pre-conference will embody trending topics of the functional training sector.


Be part of europe’s biggest functional training event & get special insights from the worlds top leaders in the functional training world. Experience the unique atmosphere and community the summit creates every year.

Newest Knowledge

Because every single one of our speakers is ‘walking the talk’, they constantly create trends and probe sport science, that permanently improves the fitness & health industry. Wether it is for your personal performance or working with clients – attending to our summit will give you a head start for performing better before the news & trends hit the ‘outer world’.


Excellent Speakers like Dr. Kelly Starret, Mark Verstegen, Greg Rose, Steve Cotter, Jill Miller, Kevin Carr, Eberhard Schlömmer, Patrick Meinart, Wolfgang Unsöld, Patrick Herzog and many many more will give you an entire new functional training mindset & expertise.


Dr. Kelly Starrett

Mark Verstegen

Jill Miller

Greg Rose

More than 25 outstanding national and international speakers

Networking with speakers and participants

Latest knowledge, methods and training trends

Free participation in our pre-conference (15.06.2017)

More than 20 thrilling and informative lectures

More than 30 brandnew hands-on tips

Summit Countdown

from 16. – 18.06.2017

Pre-Conference on 15.06.2017









Katharina Doering

Sports Physiotherapist & Nutritionist

“There will be now wishes left after attending to this event. After 3 days you’ll go home with so much energy & inspiration, going through your notes, not knowing where to start practicing first what you’ve learned. It’s a must-attend annual event!”

Lukas Offinger

Bodyweight Training Expert

“Brilliant event – excellent speakers, community & topics, I’ll definitely come again.”

Rouven Bürgel

Mobility Expert & Exclusive Personal Trainer

“A compulsory event for every fitness trainer. There’s no comparable event in Europe, that offers such a diversity and so much input.”


Die multifunktionale Freizeitanlage in Grünwald

Südliche Münchner Strasse 35
82031 Grünwald

More Information about the Location:

Due to the parking situation, we recommend using public transfer services. Which is Tram25 to Grünwald to destination ‘Ludwig-Thoma-Straße’ & then take a 2 min. walk

Hotel Tips

Be part of the 10. Summit and join Europe´s largest functional training community

349,00 € Regular Ticket


till 04.05.2017